• Trauma Counselling

    Trauma Counselling

    “The things you never talk about are probably the things you really do need to talk about.”

    Trauma can be defined as the emotional, spiritual and physiological consequences of experiencing a distressing event or series of events that overwhelms our individual capacity to cope effectively. As a result, common feelings include helplessness, hopelessness, fear, terror, and shame. Traumatic events may be single events such as an accident, illness, assault, or witnessing a crime or ongoing experiences such as childhood abuse/neglect, witnessing or experiencing domestic violence, racism/discrimination or growing up with a substance using/mentally ill parent.

    The truth is that any and all reactions to traumatic events come from the natural wisdom of the body and mind to protect us when we experience a threat. If left unaddressed, these experiences can have far-reaching negative impacts on our lives and can cause us to struggle with managing our thoughts and emotions, maintaining healthy relationships, and may even result in more significant mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    The good news is that therapy is proven to be one of the most effective ways to renegotiate and resolve the impact of the trauma and move towards a more fulfilling and peaceful life. I have extensive training and knowledge in trauma and utilize various approaches to help ease the pain and burden of trauma and support a more balanced life.